Barnstormer {barn, stormer} n. m. f. Adventurers, Explorers, Heroes, inhabited by a fabulous courage, they realized their dream, to fly! Let us pay tribute to all these adventurers of the sky who wrote the most beautiful pages of the history of aviation.


In 2009, during a trip to Canada, Victoria and Maxime were seduced by the incredible site of the Tillamook Air Museum. They had no idea that this meeting would change the course of their lives. That's when the magic happens! 

The planes on display take them on a journey out of time. Maxime tells Victoria about the exploits of the crews of these incredible machines. From the Corsair to the P51 Mustang, from fighters to bombers, nothing escapes them until they fall in admiration in front of a funny red and white plane with rounded shapes worthy of a cartoon: the GeeBee. It's immediately love at first sight for this racer of the thirties. How to immortalize this trip, to crystallize stories of these planes, forgotten in the memories of some passionate people? Nothing in the souvenir store seemed to meet their expectations. In both of their minds, an idea germinates simultaneously "What if we created our own clothing brand ? "

Barnstormer was born from the story of two young aeronautics enthusiasts. But how ?


Barnstormer is a term born after the first world war to designate the aerial circuses created by former military pilots, who went to war at a very young age and had no other knowledge than the art of flying once they returned to civilian life. Their motto: Higher, faster, more spectacular, more frightening... A real race to see who can achieve the greatest aerial prowess! This is exactly the idea that Victoria and Maxime wanted to convey through the name, Barnstormer. 

One box, one story....

Barnstormer is a French SAS created in 2014. Its main activities range from the creation to the marketing of ready-to-wear for men, women and children, leather goods and any accessory. Barnstormer provides aviation and automotive enthusiasts with a unique know-how whose sole ambition is to pay tribute to mechanical prowess and fabulous human achievements. Our vocation: to create a link between you and these myths by offering you exclusive pieces, and stories as fascinating as the others !


Barnstormer puts rubber on the runway by conquering the hearts of aviators with original ready to wear clothing designs. A challenge they took on and succeeded ! From the legendary polo shirts to the iconic caps worn by Dassault Aviation employees in the 1930s, all the collections have crossed the corridors of time to make us relive and magnify aviation history with elegance and nostalgy.


Through high quality collections, with meticulous details, combined with a flawless robustness, Barnstormer pays tribute to all the adventurers of the sky who, at the cost of fantastic exploits, have allowed to write the great epic of aviation. Because unfortunately a pilot does not spend his life in the air, the brand Barnstormer allows you to live, on a daily basis, your passion for the sky while keeping your feet on the ground. 

Proud of its French origins, Barnstormer makes all its collections in France, from the design of the models to the boxes, including weaving, dyeing, assembly, embroidery... Each model is designed based on precise and documented historical facts that have earned the machine and its pilot a right to posterity. The quality is in the details: maintenance labels entitled "maintenance manual", a box that is kept for the story it tells...

Barnstormer enjoys an excellent reputation for its rigorous work, the quality of its production and the confidence of its partners who work every day to preserve and develop aeronautics.


At Barnstormer, the team is first and foremost a fan of aviation and more specifically of vintage aviation. Since the creation of the brand, the founders have had the opportunity to meet enthusiasts who devote a large part of their time to the preservation of aviation heritage. They then decided to help these great projects by creating the "Barnstormer preservation program". 

On all the products where this logo appears, Barnstormer commits itself to give directly a part of the profits to the concerned association for the reconstruction or the maintenance in flight of legendary machines. From now on, when you buy a Barnstormer polo shirt, you have the satisfaction of helping to save the aeronautical heritage !

These are the partners with whom Barnstormer had the opportunity to collaborate: 

L'Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis with the Nieuport 17 N3N plane, Memorial Flight with the Spad XIII C 1, the Association "A la recherche de L'Oiseau Blanc" with the Levasseur PL-8 "oiseau blanc" plane, Les Ailes Brisées, Les Casques de Cuir with the Corsair plane, the association "Yankee Delta, with the DC3 plane. 

Barnstormer now has a collection of several polo shirts, hoodies, jackets, scarves, carry-on bags and more than ten models of clothing made in private collections. Proud of the enthusiasm met with aviation enthusiasts. The small team never stops working on new collections. The children's collection has just been released ! Of course, always 100% French made. The catalog continues to grow in order to trace the history of aeronautics from yesterday to today.

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