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The Jean-Baptiste Salis Association

The old cuckoos do not tolerate asphalt... with this first truth, it is thus on an "airfield" that one can find the atmosphere of the first days of aeronautics, the enthusiasm of the pioneers and the passion of beautiful things!

To perpetuate the spirit of the "Pilots of Remembrance" created in 1929 by Jean-Baptiste Salis, "l'Amicale Aéronautique de Cerny" became "l'Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis" in 1972 and welcomes you to the Cerny La Ferté Alais airfield where it has set itself the following objectives :

To preserve and maintain in flight condition vintage aircraft and to promote the aeronautical heritage.

To build or rebuild aircraft belonging to the history of aviation and to transmit the knowledge in this field.

To facilitate and popularize the practice of aviation by both state and private means.

To establish between all pilots, mechanics and other members of the Association a center of friendly relations.

To maintain a certain state of mind, by perpetuating the memory of Jean-Baptiste Salis.

Today, the Association has 300 members, of which about 60 are very active and work, both during the week and at weekends, to maintain our 30 historic aircraft in flying condition, as well as those of private individuals who are fully involved in the operation of the AJBS.

The Skyraider

The Douglas AD-4N Skyraider Cn 7449 was built at the Douglas El Segundo plant in California.

On February 6, 1960, the 123143, after being overhauled and equipped with French avionics was delivered to the French Air Force.

In 1972, it was taken into account by the Gabonese Air Force and registered TR-KFP. It was one of the eight Skyraiders given to Gabon, where they were flown by French mercenaries serving in the presidential guard. It flew in Gabon until 1984.

The repatriation of this aircraft was a great adventure; indeed after bitter negotiations led by Jean SALIS with the Gabonese government and the French authorities, the authorization was finally granted to import and register these aircraft in France; it will be the first warbird operated by civilians in the country.

In 1985, it became the property of the Amicale Jean Baptiste Salis located in La Ferté-Alais and registered F-AZDP. It is painted in the colors of BuNo 124143, RM-205 of the VA-176 "Thunderbolt", embarked on the USS Saratoga. The aircraft flew as an A-1 Skyraider from 1955 until 1966 and participated in the Vietnam conflict. On October 9, 1966, Lieutenant William T. Patton made VA 176 famous for shooting down a North Vietnamese MiG 17. He was the first and only pilot to shoot down an enemy jet in a propeller-driven fighter during the Vietnam conflict.

Repatriated and restored, it is certainly one of the prides of the Amicale but for sure its biggest single engine and its biggest propeller !

Its first annual start-up is the sign of the beginning of the meeting season, where the tone will be given by the noise of its Wright, the impact of the air spun by its propeller and the majesty of its tight evolutions...

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