Polo Navy N3N "Yellow Peril" - Preservation Program


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The AJBS - The Jean-Baptiste Salis Association

The old cuckoos do not tolerate asphalt... with this first truth, it is thus on an "airfield" that one can find the atmosphere of the first days of aeronautics, the enthusiasm of the pioneers and the passion of beautiful things!

To perpetuate the spirit of the "Pilots of Remembrance" created in 1929 by Jean-Baptiste Salis, "l'Amicale Aéronautique de Cerny" became "l'Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis" in 1972 and welcomes you to the Cerny La Ferté Alais airfield where it has set itself the following objectives

To preserve and maintain in flight condition vintage aircraft and to promote the aeronautical heritage.

To build or rebuild aircraft belonging to the history of aviation and to transmit the knowledge in this field.

To facilitate and popularize the practice of aviation by both state and private means.

To establish between all pilots, mechanics and other members of the Association a center of friendly relations.

To maintain a certain state of mind, by perpetuating the memory of Jean-Baptiste Salis.

Today, the Association has 300 members of which about 60 are very active and work, both during the week and at weekends, to maintain our 30 historical aircraft in flying condition, and those of private individuals who are totally involved in the functioning of the AJBS.

The AJBS - The Jean-Baptiste Salis Association

The N.A.F. N3N "Canary", which owes its name to its beautiful color, was a basic training biplane built by the Naval Aircraft Factory in Long Beach, California. It was designed in two versions (land and sea) by a well known engineer named Stearman.

More than nine hundred examples were built, including 750 N3N-3s, starting in 1935. This beautiful Stearman product was the last biplane in service with the U.S. armed forces, the last having retired in 1961.

Today, the AJBS model is one of the only ones to fly in Europe.

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