Laté 28 Hydraplane Jacket - Latécoère


Laté 28 Jacket - Seaplane

COLOR: brown and beige



Laté 28 Jacket - Seaplane

In honor of the emblematic plane built by the Latécoère company, this jacket will allow you to relive the illustrious first postal crossing from Saint-Louis to Natal in a Laté 28.  For the occasion, the plane with its "parasol" type wings was equipped with floats for the sea flight. At the controls, Jean Mermoz, assisted by the navigator Jean Dabry and the radio operator Léopold Gimié: 130 Kgs of mail to be carried on a night of full moon and to face the terrible "pot-au-noir". (Doldrums).

On May 12, 1930, Pierre-Georges Latécoère's dream was finally realized thanks to this crucial step.  The line then operated by the Compagnie Générale Aéropostale linked Toulouse to Buenos Aires in less than 4 days. From relay to relay, the crews carried several hundred letters, covering more than 13,000 kilometers.

Like the airline pilots of the 1930s, you'll wear this high-waisted suede jacket with refinement. You will also be able to face winds and tides thanks to its satin lining and its excellent quality chosen with great care in our workshops. Its various pockets (a chest card pocket, an inside pocket and 2 outside pockets) and the beige collar give this garment the elegance of the mythical crews of the time.

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