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MIRAGE III Sweatshirt


Special edition tribute to the mythical Mirage III

100% cotton sweatshirt - grey mottled - V-neck detail taken from the 50s/60s sweatshirt.

The density of the knitting as well as the quality of the seams makes this sweater almost indestructible ;)

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The Mirage III is the unavoidable symbol of the success of the Dassault company. For its collaborators, this aircraft is the greatest stroke of genius of Marcel Dassault. It is also his favorite. The concept of the Mirage is that of a light interceptor resulting from the experience of aerial combat during the Korean War (1950 - 1953). Initially called the Mystère Delta, the MD 550 became the Mirage I. It made its first flight at Melun-Villaroche on June 25, 1955, in the hands of Roland Glavany. It was a compact twin-engine aircraft with a tail-less delta wing. Following a change in NATO policy, the pure interception mission was called into question. The staffs preferred an aircraft also capable of attacking the opponent's bases.

Dassault found that the Mirage I could be the starting point for an aircraft that met this new requirement. By applying a new formula, the law of areas, which consists of strangling the fuselage at the level where it connects to the wing in the manner of a wasp's waist, the aircraft gains in speed. Launched at the end of 1955, the Mirage III 001 flew at Melun-Villaroche on November 17, 1956, in the hands of Roland Glavany. The air inlets of the jet engines were then modified by adding conical cores, called "mice", which regulated the air flow according to the speed. Given the good results, the French Air Ministry decided to buy the Mirage III 001 and make it a government-funded program. Thanks to his SNECMA Atar 9 B engine, Roland Glavany reached Mach 2 in level flight without a booster rocket on the Mirage III A-01 on October 24, 1958.

This is the first time that this speed has been reached in Western Europe.

With the Mirage III, Dassault set up a multi-purpose assembly line, meaning that different versions corresponding to various military missions could be manufactured on the same line. Production of the Mirage III is divided between Générale Aéronautique Marcel Dassault (GAMD), the prime contractor, and several cooperating companies and subcontractors, including Société Nationale de Constructions Aéronautiques du Nord (SNCAN), Société Nationale d'Etude et de Construction de Engines d'Aviation (SNECMA), Société des Avions Louis Breguet and Hispano-Suiza.

This policy of sharing production is in line with the principles adopted in 1945 by the Aeronautical Markets and Production Department : competition exists at the level of design offices, not at the production level. The French Air Force received 95 Mirage III Cs, 59 Mirage III Bs, B1s, B2s and BEs (equivalent to the D version for export), 70 Mirage Rs and RDs, 183 Mirage III Es and 50 Mirage 5 Fs, for a total of 457 aircraft. The last aircraft were withdrawn from operational units in 1994.

Thanks to the Mirage III/5/50 family, France has proven that it is a leading industrial nation.

Since 1958, 1,401 Mirage III/5/50s have been built in more than eighty different versions for twenty-one countries around the world and have accumulated more than three million flight hours.

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